MHIC Mock Exam

Remember: The Maryland Home Improvement exam consists of 58 questions about the home improvement law and other related regulations. You will pass with 70% of questions correctly answered.

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A contractor is advertising a specific home improvement job at a discount or a temporarily reduced price. Which of the following are they NOT required to include in the advertisement?


A contractor’s representative makes a Door-to-Door sale and, along with the buyer, signs the contract at 10:30 AM on Wednesday, December 23rd. When is the latest the buyer may exercise their right to cancel?


What activities are excluded from the definition of home improvement provided by the Home Improvement Law?


What is the maximum deposit a contractor may require before signing a contract to build a residential deck if the total contract price is $9,000.00?


How long after a contractor hires a new employee should a I-9 form be completed?


If there is a final arbitration in favor of the claimant:


According to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and the exemptions to the minimum wage and overtime pay provisions, a laborer in the construction industry is classified as:


How long does a Contractor have to request a hearing or to file written exceptions to a proposed order issued by the Commission as a result of its investigation of the homeowner's claim against the guaranty fund?


A contractor receives a hearing notice before the Home Improvement Commission with relation to a claim entered against them. What response is required?


During a new home construction project, the contractor decides to build a new swimming pool in the property. Which of the following activities would be exempt from the Home Improvement Law?


Your business's address has changed. Who do you report this change in your business to and how do you do so?


When estimating what nonproductive hours should be figured into your labor cost equation?


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