MHIC Mock Exam

Remember: The Maryland Home Improvement exam consists of 58 questions about the home improvement law and other related regulations. You will pass with 70% of questions correctly answered.

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Which of the following is a “requirement” on every home improvement contract?


A salesperson has obtained a signed contract and a deposit for building a deck, subject to acceptance by the contractor. The contractor chooses NOT to accept the contract. When must he return the deposit to the owner?


A home improvement contractor is advertising a sale on carpets. His ads include only the basic price of the carpets leaving out any additional information. Which of the following statements is required in his ad?


Which of the following inducements may a home improvement contractor offer as part of their marketing program?


Which of the following is NOT required to be furnished to every Door-to-Door sales contract customer at the time of execution of the contract?


A buyer has cancelled a sale within the allowable time period. When must any goods or property traded in be returned?


A remodeling contractor has legally employed a 17-year-old during the summer. Which of the following tasks is the minor prohibited from performing?


Before the seller gives notice of cancellation to the buyer, he must furnish all of the following, EXCEPT:


All of the following are exempt from licensing under the Home Improvement Law, EXCEPT:


What kind of property may NOT be the subject of a lien?


Which of the following payroll practices is optional under Federal and/or State law?


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