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Dear Clients and Entrepreneurs,

In response to the current pandemic crisis, and per Governor Hogan’s directives, we reopened our offices and are accepting in-person office visits only by appointment. Our services and assistance to you will be through phone ,email, mail, chat and onsite.We have strict protocols at our office such as the use of masks, sanitizers at each station, sneeze shields at each desk, and also encouraging people to constantly wash their hands. If you are feeling sick, and need assistance is preferably for you to stay home, we will still assist you with all your business needs via email and phone.

Instilled in our internal culture at Zitro, these, like other tough and difficult events in the past, are times to rediscover our strengths, and to keep our spirit up, the same spirit that has motivated us to choose entrepreneurship up until this moment. No matter how hard the situation is, this is the time to adjust our sails, and keep being proactive.

Per Governor Hogan’s directives, Residential and Commercial Construction Companies make part of the list of essential business that can remain open.

This means that today, more than ever, having your licenses and getting your business in order works to your best advantage. At Zitro Services LLC we continue to work to assist you with your business needs. We will continue to assist our existing and future customers with the following:

  • Business Registrations
  • Licensing
  • MHIC License
  • DC General Contractor Construction Manager
  • Home Builder Registration
  • Real Property Tax Payments
  • DC
  • MD
  • Online MHIC Classes
  • MHIC Process
  • Multimedia Services (Corporate Image Development)
  • Accounting
  • Taxes
  • Real Estate with Zitro Pro Realty

Take our ability to continue assisting contractors and entrepreneurs in these different areas to furthering your career, growing your business, and building a path towards a sustainable future. If you have pending processes with us and intend on completing those, please email us or give us a call so we can direct you.

As it has always been the case, entrepreneurs in the construction field continue to positively impact the economy, and we are striving to provide the support you need to be a legal and prospering business.

Today, we live in the era of technology, so it is important that you use that technology to your advantage. For example, in-person meeting can easily be replaced by video conference while safeguarding your health, that of your loved ones, and that of your community. Likely, things that you had to deliver in person can be sent by email and by regular mail. At Zitro we understand the gravity of the current situation, and we want for all of you to be safe. So do not reject the possibility to continue moving forward by using these convenient tools. These exist to make our lives easier. We will guide you step by step. We are here for you.

Four steps to excel in your career


Register your company


Get Licensed


Develop your Corporate Image & Promote your business


Improve your Skills