With the housing market and the home improvement and remodeling sector being such important drivers of our economy, States have looked to safeguard these industries and the general public by instituting licensing requirements for those working in the field.

A safeguarded and vibrant sector fosters good practices, as well as trust on the part of consumers and the general public, all positive circumstances for individuals and businesses aspiring to have a long and successful path within the sector. As such, certain activities and professions have been turned into licensed occupations. This means that, by applying for and obtaining their licenses, individuals are constituted as legal actors deemed competent to engage in the occupation for which they were granted a license and knowledgeable about the rules they must comply with while so doing. There are negative consequences to performing activities that require being licensed for your business and can put you at risk of being subject to fines, penalties, sanctions, and even imprisonment. We take pride at Zitro Services LLC of helping individuals become licensed professionals and successful business owners, and, in effect, of also contributing to creating positive conditions for the industry and for our communities. We assist you with the entire application process and obtention of the following licenses:

Maryland Home Improvement License

  • This license constitutes you has a General Contractor authorized to sell and perform home improvements in the state of Maryland. Upon approval, you are issued two licenses, a contractor license and a salesperson license.
  • As a requisite, you must pass a 58-question-exam testing you on your knowledge about the home improvement law and other related regulations with 70% of questions correctly answered.

We offer the MHIC education course to prepare you for the MD Home Improvement Commission’s exam. In this course you are taught about the Maryland Home Improvement Law and other rules you are subject to as a contractor, a salesperson, an employer, and a business owner. We provide you with the official book of the commission and with test practices that will get you fully prepared to take and pass the official exam, which we schedule for you.

Upon passing your exam, we assist you with the entire application process. We do an analysis of your case and information, accurately prepare your application package, prepare your financial statement, and ensure all of the information is consistent with the Commission’s requirements. We then take care of your application’s submission by sending it by certified mail and conduct regular follow-ups until you receive your license, which generally takes anywhere from 30 days to 45 days. Having assisted over 1,000 contractors with this process, we know exactly what information the commission requires and how it wants it presented, which avoids your process being delayed. Equipped with the infrastructure and know-how we expediently and efficiently prepare your application and submit it for prompt approval by the Commission.

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D.C. General Contractor License & Manager in Construction

Authorizes the license holder to do residential, commercial, and new home construction work in the District of Columbia. Upon approval of your license application, you will receive two licenses, the General Contractor License and the Salesperson License. Both, the applicant and their business become licensed.

  • There are no pre-licensing education or exam required.
  • You must have registered your business with the District and have an address in DC.
  • You must have a general liability insurance.
  • The license is issued within 30 days from receipt of your application.
  • We assist you with the whole submission and processing of your application for the license and serve as registered agents of your business for the duration of the license, two years. After that period, if you do your license renewal with us, we can continue being your resident agent.

    A year from the approval of your D.C. General Contractor License & Manager in Construction, we assist you with doing, submitting, and processing your Real Property Tax Report. Real property taxes are paid biannually, thereafter.

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Home Builder Registration

Zitro Services LLC is offering a new possibility for your business’s growth and its penetration and expansion within the Maryland construction sector. We assist home builders and their representatives meet state legal requirements by handling their registration with the Home Builder Registration Unit of the Attorney General’s Office’s Consumer Protection Division. All home builders, from custom builders or mobile and prefabricated home installers, must be registered with the Home Builder Registration Unit to build and sell new homes. If both the building and selling of new homes is performed by the same business entity, then you will only need to register that business. However, if these activities, building and selling, are performed by different business entities, then those businesses will need to register separately. Every sales representative employed by a home builder, additionally, must also be registered with the Home Builder Registration Unit. If you are looking to or are already building/installing and selling new homes, we are your to-go company to ensure, both, your business and sales representatives are properly registered with the State. We take care of your registration, certification, and licensing process needs so you can focus on doing what you do best, entrepreneurship. Be proactive in your business by firstly ensuring you have what you need, including all licenses and registrations, and by then fishing for the opportunities, as opposed to waiting to only realize they’ll never show up by chance.

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VA General Contractor License (A, B, C)
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Licensed Contractors are more successful because

Having a Home Improvement or General Contractor’s License gives the contractor a competitive advantage over unlicensed contractor’s. It shows a legitimate, trustworthy, and professional business on the eyes of the clients, the government, as well as their competitors.

To sell a home at a proper market value a home owner should only hire a Licensed Home Improvements Contractor.

Home improvements made by unlicensed contractors are not accepted or validated by most Appraisers, which can significantly hurt your property value or even prevent you from getting the return on your investment.

Licensed Contractors have their information as public record, which allows them to be reached by clients as well as have their license and work validated.

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