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milton trejomilton trejo
14:32 28 May 22
Very effective classes, a must if you would like to pass your mhic exam
homy daneshvarhomy daneshvar
01:53 14 May 22
A great experience, I have taken many courses during years and this course was up there.I really recommend taking this class , Christian Seanz is a real teacher.Highly recommended.Past the MHIC exam on the first try, thank you Christian✌️
Alexander MarkovichAlexander Markovich
14:17 19 Apr 22
Was great from stat to finish. After the class I pass first test and Zitro help me with application for MHIC. Everything was nice and professional. Thank you
Elizabeth ElliottElizabeth Elliott
13:27 26 Mar 22
Before this class I was overwhelmed with anxiety about the MHIC test and what it would entail. The book is daunting. Zitro's registration process is easy, fast and professional. The location is easy to find, clean and safe. The staff are respectful and courteous. And the instructor Cris inspires confidence. He is extremely knowledgeable and mixes knowledge and learning with humor. My success in obtaining my license is due to this course!
justin greenbergjustin greenberg
21:25 29 Jan 22
Class was very informative & through of state & local laws & regulations.I recommend Zitro staff in explaining said regulations.Great work Zitro Team!It was an enlightening experience,Sincerely Justin Greenberg
  • “If you are serious about getting your MHIC or any other services that Zitro offer's. This is the one stop place. I ask a lot of the same questions sometimes until I get it. The ppl at Zitro are very very patient. The Best , looking forward to continuing with you as I grow Thanks”

    Min.Ericyah 6X
  • “My husband and I had such a wonderful experience at Zitro! This Company was professional, engaging and Mr.Alex Ortiz is a Master in his field! If your like me and you need Real Teacher to get you ready for that MHIC State Exam then you need to come here. It's worth every penny spent! Special shout out to Juan, he was nicest Gentlemen to work with and definitely a valuable asset to Zitro Excellence! I highly recommend them. ”

    Eunice Johnson
  • “I would highly recommend Zitro Services if you are looking to take the MHIC test. Juan and Alex are exceptional instructors and also, provide accurate advise. I took the Zoom (online) classes and I passed the test - at once - today. Thank you!”

    Sandra H
  • “I took the course during the pandemic when only Zoom classes were available. I was a bit nervous, first time ever using Zoom and first time ever taking a class with out being present in a learning facility. I was very skeptical, but they exceeded my expectations and I passed the test with a 100%”

    Shaun Jackson
  • “Attending The Maryland Home Improvement Contractor (MHIC) class made preparing for the state mandated test a much easier process. Attending the class via Zoom kept the students and staff safe from the ongoing Pandemic. Using the zoom platform was excellent. While the instruction facilitated the course, "Zitro tech" provided additional information via the chat function within Zoom, which assisted students in following along in the book, providing additions examples, and answering technical questions. Zitro Services has done a fantastic job transitioning their curriculum to deal with the ongoing situation.”

    Kevin Beausoleil
  • “Romero J Construction LLC se siente muy agradecido con todo el team de Zitro Services ellos me brindaron toda la ayuda necesaria para obtener mi licencia de Home Improvement. Cualquier persona interesada en obtener una les recomiendo este lugar ellos son muy amables y tienen todos los servicios que ustedes necesiten..”

    Juan Romero
  • “Un servio de 5/5 wow muchas gracias ☺️ que Dios los bendiga y q sigan ayudando a muchas personas muchas gracias nuevamente.”

    Karen monroy
  • “They are great!!!! Very helpful!!!! Took their MHIC class and passed my test on first try. I highly recommend them!!! ”

    Michael Stanley
  • “Working with Zitro was the best decision I made in starting my business. They walk you through the entire process at an affordable rate and get things done in a timely manner. Very impressed with their services and personal!”

    Jason Brett Sewell
  • “I took MHIC License practice in Zitro Services and every single question they taught us in class came in test and I pass the test like butter.”

    Syed Ali
  • “Excellent Quality Services, Excellent Communication, Professional Personnel.”

    Humberto Valencia
  • “Me siento satisfecho con el trabajo final, todo fue fácil en cuestión de información y comunicación al contactarnos con Zitro.”

    Noe Zavala
  • “Professional and reliable service, you won't regret. 100% all the way.
    Thanks for serving our community to make the right decisión. ”

    Manuel Flores
  • “Your Company has been very helpful to me and my staff in all the ways, we are very grateful. Please keep up the good work!”

    Renaldo Miller
  • “The process of acquiring my License helped me improve my business, I also learned how to write the appropriate contracts, as well as the responsibilities and rights of the contractor”

    Cristian Orjuela
    Zitro Services LLC


1I have submitted my application; how long does it take to process?
The application approval process may take two to three weeks. If the application is incomplete or incorrect, the process will take additional time. The licensee will receive a paper license in the mail within 10 days of the application being approved.
2Is there a course to prepare for the exam? Is a course required in order to apply for a MHIC license?
At Zitro Services we offer a comprehensive 15-hours prep course with a live instructor in an effort to help you better prepare for the MHIC exam. A course is not required. Given that the exam tests on topics that may be unfamiliar for some, like State Laws, Regulations and Requirements, it is strongly advised that you take a course to not only prepare but understand the regulations you will be subject to in the course of your career as a contractor and/or salesperson. Our MHIC prep courses are offered, both, in English and in Spanish.
3How do I know if a trade name that I want to use for my home improvement business is available for use?
This is a very important question and something that we, at Zitro Services, can certainly help you with. MHIC regulations state that a name of an individual, partnership, proprietorship, or corporation shall not be accepted if the name under which the applicant will be trading is the same as that being used by an existing licensee, or is so similar to the name being used by an existing licensee that it will cause confusion.
4Can I use my MHIC contractor license to build a new home in Maryland?
The Home Improvement Commission license does not cover new home construction.
5I was convicted for acting as a contractor without a license. Am I eligible to apply for a home improvement contractor’s license?
The Home Improvement Law states that the Commission may issue a license to an individual who has been found guilty of working without a license if the Commission determines that the applicant has settled all outstanding obligations and one year has passed since the date of the conviction.
6I am a licensed contractor in another state. Do I still have to take the Maryland home improvement contractor exam?
Yes, you do need to pass the exam. The Maryland Home Improvement Commission does not offer reciprocity with any other state because each licensee must demonstrate knowledge of the Maryland laws and regulations.
7 How do I register to take the exam for an MHIC license?
We are here to help! After you are finished with your classes and feel comfortable and ready to take the exam, we will schedule it for you. Just tell us which location is the most convenient for you, and we will be glad to schedule your exam with the PSI.
8Are the requirements for an MHIC license the same for an existing company as they are for a new company?
Yes, the requirements for a company are the same regardless of how long the company has been in business. The individual is required to take the exam and meet the financial eligibility requirements. Each MHIC licensed business must assign an individual who to hold an MHIC license and to meet the requirements for licensure.
9 I was convicted of a felony when I was younger. Can I still obtain an MHIC contractor license?
Each applicant is required to report to the Commission any conviction of a felony or a misdemeanor that is directly related to the fitness and qualifications of the applicant or licensee to engage in home improvement services. The applicant must provide a “true-test copy” from the clerk’s office of the court where the conviction occurred. The facts of a felony or misdemeanor conviction that the Commission considers when determining whether to approve or deny a license application are the following: • The nature of the crime; • The relationship of the crime to the activities authorized by the license; • With respect to a felony, the relevance of the conviction to the fitness and qualification of the applicant or licensee to provide home improvement services; • The length of time since the conviction; and • The behavior and activities of the applicant or licensee before and after the conviction.
10I am a contractor licensed in another state. I don’t have an office in Maryland, but I would like to provide services there. Do I need a separate license for the State of Maryland?
Each contractor performing home improvement work in Maryland is required to hold an MHIC license. This is true regardless of whether the contractor holds a license in another State. It is also true even if the contractor does not have an office in Maryland. Out-of-state contractors must also be registered with the State, take the required exam, and acquire the license in the State of Maryland.
11I did not pass the exam. What do I need to do to retake it?
If you did not pass the exam in your first try, you must wait 30 days to take it again. If you fail the second time or on any subsequent try, 60 days must pass before you can retake the exam. There is no limit to how many times you can retake it. You will just have to wait 30 days on your first attempt and 60 days on any following one. You must pay the exam fee each time you take it.
12We have our MHIC license. I wanted to make sure we don’t need a business construction license as well. Could you please clarify as I want to make sure I meet all Maryland requirements?
The Home Improvement License covers all home improvement services performed on homes and apartment buildings that contain three or fewer units. A contractor or subcontractor who holds an MHIC license is not required to hold a business construction license under Title 17 of the Business Regulation Article of the Annotated Code of Maryland.
13What is financial solvency and why is it required?
Each applicant for a home improvement contractor’s license must meet the Commission’s financial solvency requirements which are based on the applicant’s personal assets. The Commission does not consider business assets when evaluating an applicant’s financial solvency. The Commission requires each contractor to show financial solvency to ensure reimbursement of any money paid from the Commission’s Guaranty Fund to compensate a homeowner, up to $20,000 (or the total amount of payments made on the contract), for losses caused by the unworkmanlike, inadequate, or incomplete work performed by the contractor. Applicants who do not meet the financial solvency guidelines may purchase a surety bond or present use of a co-signer.
14What are the business license requirements for a salesperson?
First, the individual must pass the MHIC salesperson exam, also administered by PSI Exams. Upon doing so, the individual must present to the Commission a written notification of employment or other contractual relationship between her/him and a contractor she/he will be working with or representing.
15How can I get an MHIC salesperson license?
In order to obtain an MHIC salesperson license, an applicant must pass an exam.


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